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Ensure the safe conduct of experiments and improve detection efficiency

Industry information

The management of laboratory instruments and equipment is the foundation and key to the smooth implementation of various tasks in the laboratory. Implementing identification management of instruments and equipment is one of the measures to check that they are under controlled management. Only by ...

2024-02-19 20:37:15

Let you no longer be a "promiscuous beauty"

Industry information

For home storage and home decoration, many people believe that spacious space and elegant furnishings are necessary. In fact, residential decoration is a way to express personal style, which varies from person to person and from object to object. The simple home storage method of tailoring and sh...

2024-02-19 20:36:14

The management strategy of "not compromising one's career"

Application Strategy

The tag set includes encoding, recognition, data collection, and processing, and has been widely used in commercial, office, library management, warehousing, transportation, scientific research, and other fields. Tags have the advantages of fast input speed, large amount of information collection,...

2024-02-19 20:34:10

Clear and convenient, leaving work on time every day

Label application

With the rapid development of the times, more and more large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions, office buildings, and office spaces are using label ribbons as identification distribution systems. Not only can it clearly identify the distribution of each floor and department, but it can...

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